Who is Suranga Mama ( Uncle Suranga)

Ananda Kumarage ( Famous as Uncle Suranga) is the master children program producer of Sri Lanka. He is a song writer , singer, actor, author of many children's books , children plays and dramas. he has presented more than 5000 children's programs in schools, 3000 in monitories, more than 1000 kids ceremonies mama has done more than 200 TV programs and more than 100 Radio programs for children, in theatre he has performed more than 100 times. He has already published 10 story books and 2 music VCD and DVD.

The amount of experience he has in this field has made him the master children program producer of Sri Lanka. He has dedicated his life for children. He has helped many talented kids to display their talents to the world by providing them with the opportunity to act, sing , write, draw and in many other ways.

What are the Children programs he do ..
  • Action Play
  • Action Songs
  • Drama
  • Lyrics
  • Tunes
  • Fun Items
  • Funny Lessons

he uses theater systems like changing voices and mimicking sounds of animals. He always get the audience involve in his plays by giving them characters to play and the necessary costumes also. The "La Suranga Mama" music group is created while the show is going on. Some children or parents are chosen and they are provided with various musical instruments, they play the instruments and sing famous children's songs with uncle suranga . the children who perform are awarded with a certificate.


Uncle Suranga is a live character. He always wares a costume of rainbow colors which is unique to him. He is the only artist in the world who has a registered logo , stage name and an unique costume
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